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Here, Kids Win

Primary Children's Hospital

Childhood diseases and illnesses are losers. And kids who get treated at Primary Children's Hospital know it. This inspiring, award-winning campaign increased engagement and awareness by featuring stories of kids who emerged from their battles victorious, thanks to their resilience and the exceptional care they received at PCH.

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The Problem

Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital was facing two challenges. First, with regional growth and new competitors entering the market, some consumers weren’t familiar with Primary Children’s Hospital and the exceptional care the staff and caregivers provide to kids and their families. And second, for those who were aware of PCH, many didn’t know about the breadth of services and specialized care available at the facility or the nationally ranked quality of those offerings.

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The Solution

Kids are fighters. Research showed that surviving pediatric cancer patients are more resilient than we believe—they see serious diseases and illnesses for the losers they are. Tapping into these findings, the Faktory team developed a campaign highlighting this winning attitude titled, “Here, Kids Win." The first year, the creative was solely focused on raising awareness of the Primary Children’s Hospital brand. The second year continued with the brand and added service line dimensions, sharing real stories of “winning” by real kids. The highly successful and award-winning creative provided hope to parents and kids that with the help of the care and expertise of PCH, victory is possible.

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The Results

Pre-campaign awareness was high at 90%. Post-campaign, that raised to an impressive 100%. Further results showed that the NPS (Net Promoter Score) jumped from a pre-campaign 46 to a post-campaign of 53. The average NPS for healthcare is 27 so the average for PCH started out higher than average but jumped even higher—an additional 7 points—with target audiences thanks to the inspiring and emotional creative of this multi-year campaign. Additional metrics included preroll completion rates averaging 28% above benchmark with a 76.8% VCR (video completion rate) and audio completion rates coming in strong, 6.4% above benchmark, at an overall average of 96.4%.