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Local publicity boosts membership numbers

ArchWell Health

ArchWell Health is continually expanding its national footprint, which is great news. Enter our relentless PR squad tasked with spreading it. Our meticulous efforts have made a big impression, and technically, millions of them too.

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The Problem

Headquartered in Nashville, ArchWell Health is a member-centric national primary care group devoted to improving the lives of seniors. In 2022, they expanded their national footprint into the southwest region of the United States opening 18 centers across the Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson areas. With this growth, they needed help boosting membership among seniors as well as support for their recruitment efforts.

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The Solution

Faktory dived in by developing strategies to garner media opportunities surrounding the center openings. We created an editorial calendar with a variety of story angles that launched awareness around the new centers and educated seniors and their caregivers about why they should consider ArchWell Health. We also built extensive media lists within the company’s target markets. Once key messaging was established and we conducted media training sessions with company spokespeople, we began sharing ArchWell’s unique attributes and expansion news to local media outlets such as TV, online, and print.

With members of the media now familiar with the unique needs and barriers that seniors must overcome to access healthcare, the media began interviewing spokespeople from ArchWell Health. As a result, TV segments and feature articles were created to amplify the messages that educated readers and viewers about ArchWell Health’s value proposition for seniors—mostly to those in underserved communities.

"Having the expertise of Faktory has proved invaluable. Their experience and wisdom in maximizing exposure and partnering with reporters helped us get the good word out to communities nationwide. I trust the Faktory PR team implicitly."

Christina Cober, Senior Director of Marketing, ArchWell Health

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(Some of) The Results

ArchWell Health experienced an immediate boost in membership at each of its centers. This was in large part due to our team securing $34,000 in media value as well as more than 2.2 million unique impressions through local public relations efforts. Even more, ArchWell Health garnered the kind of credibility that can only come from endorsements by trusted, third-party media sources.

Faktory secured top-tier local media coverage in media outlets including Las Vegas Review Journal, Arizona Daily Star, 8 News Now (Las Vegas), City Lifestyle Magazine (Phoenix), and more. This generated awareness and introduced ArchWell Health’s mission, its unique attributes, and offered solutions to address the healthcare challenges many seniors face. Now, we’ve established a strategic, long-term relationship with ArchWell Health as this growing organization continues to rapidly expand throughout the country.

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