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Local publicity boosts membership numbers

ArchWell Health

ArchWell Health is continually expanding its national footprint, which is great news. Enter our relentless PR squad tasked with spreading it. Our meticulous efforts have made a big impression, and technically, millions of them too.

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The Challenge

ArchWell Health™ is a national provider devoted to improving the lives of seniors by providing an advanced model of value-based care. By the end of 2023, it will have opened nearly 50 medical centers in cities throughout the country in just three years. With this tremendous growth, the organization needed to generate awareness and educate seniors, their families, caregivers and potential partners about the benefits ArchWell Health was bringing to their community with the ultimate goal of boosting membership among Medicare-eligible seniors. Additionally, ArchWell needed to accelerate recruitment efforts for staffing each center with quality healthcare experts. Knowing Faktory’s reputation as healthcare marketing experts, ArchWell Health asked for our assistance. And we dived in.

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The Solution

Faktory started with a strategy focused on media outreach. We wrote key messages that resonated with all target audiences and built contact lists of journalists who cover healthcare, lifestyle, family, and retirement. Our strategy included a pitch plan of story angles to keep ArchWell on the media’s radar and position them as senior health experts. Our plan involved human-interest stories about seniors who credited ArchWell for improving all aspects of their lives. Pitching also centered around grand openings and healthcare award shows. Simultaneously, we provided media training to all senior leadership, plus more than 30 market spokespeople. The goal was to ensure messaging was on-brand and consistent across all markets.

After booming results, ArchWell Health desired to take our launch strategy up a notch. Faktory created branded media drops, contest giveaways, and market activations for grand openings and market awareness. Media drops included travel kits that journalists could use while on-the-go. For contest giveaways, we created a bag of branded games that encourage socialization and brain exercise. Game bags included customized playing cards, dominos, and dice. The travel kits and game bags came with a clever card with information about ArchWell. For market activations, Faktory sourced old-timey flower trucks in each market for grand openings and community pop-up events. The charming flower trucks provided complimentary flowers for seniors to build their own bouquet with a card to invite seniors to tour a center and to find out more at ArchWellHealth.com.

"Having the expertise of Faktory has proved invaluable. Their experience and wisdom in maximizing exposure and partnering with reporters helped us get the good word out to communities nationwide. I trust the Faktory PR team implicitly."

Christina Cober, Senior Director of Marketing, ArchWell Health

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The Results

To date, media publicity from all 11 ArchWell Health markets has resulted in more than 12.5 million impressions with PR value reaching nearly $400,000, conservatively. We credit some of this success to the brightly colored travel kits leveraged to grab the attention of journalists who receive thousands of pitches a day. The travel kits also caught the eye of ArchWell’s sales force. They are now using them for community partners and brokers. The flower truck activations created buzz from several other ArchWell Health markets that are now requesting we execute these activations across the nation. As we approach year one with ArchWell Health, top leadership is offering praise to Faktory for flawless PR and creative execution. Faktory has demonstrated our commitment, understanding, and passion we have for ArchWell Health’s brand and mission.

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